About Us

The Tale of M & J Travel Services

In 1998, Janice Nobliski, decided to do something else rather then sit around and be retired. She saw an ad, that there would be a Franchise Show in Las Vegas, at which time she dragged her husband, Michael, to the show. Well looking through all the different opportunities, she stopped at the booth of Eagle Travel. Eagle Travel, at the time, was starting something new in the travel industry, Outside Travel Agents. This meant that you could work out of your home, under someone else’s license, without having to go to school or work for 2 years in someone else’s agency. The cost at the time: $7000, plus a yearly maintenance fee. After 7 years, Eagle decided to sell their business, which left many agents without a Host Agency. This is when M & J Travel Services became a Host Agency, in the year 2005. The reason, to show people how to travel inexpensively. We now offer the same opportunity for only $250 per year. This makes 2 people agents, if they both file their income tax with the same tax number.

Why so cheap? This is not our main source of income, so we don’t need to make money off of you. Our main objective is to show you how to travel inexpensively. So, happy traveling, from M & J Travel Services.

              Mike & Jan Nobliski